Eye Exam 101

sfcfarmersmarket eye exam optometryAn eye exam is a very important part of ensuring that you stay healthy. However, do you have a clue of when you are meant to get an eye exam or what the exam should cover? Being eyesmart is vital to ensuring that your vision for a very long time. It is recommended that you get tested at the age of forty as that is when signs of eye related diseases start to show. Try the highly recommended optometry office in Vancouver. A baseline screening will help identify the signs at an early stage at which it will be easy to treat without running into complications. However, if you already have an eye disease or diseases that may lead to their development such as diabetes, you shouldn’t wait to get to the age of 40.

So what exactly is checked for during a comprehensive eye exam?

Well, several things are looked for and the procedure takes about 45-90 minutes. The first is your visual acuity. This is probably the one that is most popular. The Eye M.D. asks you to read a chart that is standardized in order to determine how well you see at different distances. It is normally performed an eye at a time.Your pupils will also be examined by the doctor to see how they respond to light. To do this, they will shine a bright light on your pupils. They normally respond by becoming smaller. If no change is observed or they widen then there is a problem.

Side vision is also examined as it can give hints of underlying problems such as glaucoma.

The loss of our side vision is usually not noticeable and you may be unaware of it. In addition, eye movement is also tested. This test referred to as ocular motility gives feedback on your eye alignment and the function of your ocular muscles. Many other tests are performed to provide different information about the health of your eyes. It is therefore important that you have an eye exam regularly. check out lasik surgery by Shaughnessy Optometry!

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