Multiple Listing Services

A multiple listing service (MLS) is a collection of services offered to real estate agents and brokers to create contracts of offers for compensating the brokers. MLS helps in facilitating cooperation among participating brokers. It also helps in disseminating information required to conduct appraisals and provides a platform for orderly collection and correlation of property listing information and subsequent dissemination of the information to other brokers, client and members of the public.
sfcfarmers mls vancouver bcA special software that generates a very useful database of Vancouver homes for sale for all property agents and brokers to use to share information between themselves and other interested buyers and sellers thus giving a very good central location where these parties can meet together to close business deals.
A data listing stored in such a database, still is the sole proprietary information owned by the agent or broker who has made the listing and has been authorized to do the listing by the owner of the property.

Many property owners have been shocked to find their properties listed in listing services without their permission.

Then they have had to demand removal of the offending listing and some have also had to engage the services of an attorney to ensure compliance of their demand.

Benefits of a Multi Listing Service

One of the most important benefit of a multiple listing service is that it will bring together many players in the vancouver mls industry and provide a wide selection of properties for sale giving buyers and sellers a wide variety of property to choose from and also a wider exposure for the seller to more vancouver real estate brokers and agents who may have the right buyers for their property.
A multiple listing service also provides buyers with genuine properties for sale as the properties have been verified prior to being listed. This will ensure that the buyers are not defrauded and sellers also do not get their properties sold without their authorization.

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