Ongoing Changes of SEO

Search engine marketing is perhaps one of the most important aspects of an organization’s online business. Yet, it is one of the most neglected parts of many businesses. Some business people think that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something that can be completed one time and that will return results automatically.

In reality, SEO is something that is dynamic and changes constantly. Depending on your business, you may need to change keywords and phrases more often than others. For example, if your business includes a seasonal product line that changes frequently, you will need to update your pages and therefore your keywords whenever you introduce or change a product. More likely you will need to find an search engine optimization company to focus their efforts on your website.

Even if you do not change your product or service, it is vital to reassess your website’s SEO regularly. Not only is your business changing, but also your customers’ wants and needs.

Furthermore, the way search engine spiders crawl and index information is changing. Before 2008, websites using Flash were virtually unable to use those Flash files to generate new traffic. Now, Google has updated the way they crawl and index Adobe Flash files, giving the ability for programmers to create content that is in line with SEO good practices.

Personalized search, which we’ll touch on later in this post, has created a wave of new research for SEO marketers and consultants alike. SEO is certainly not what it used to be.

Neither is the search engine industry. Yahoo and Microsoft have now partnered, Bing has entered the game, and Google boasts a 70% market share. With all of these changes, businesses are forced to learn new ways to market themselves by staying on top of SEO techniques.

The most significant changes that has been made in search engine marketing has been the shift toward a more user-driven experience. That is to say, more relevant and useful results for the user. Gone are the days of simple keywords. Keywords continue to be at the forefront of SEO, however we are now seeing users entering specific keyword phrases, which is coupled with automatically entered information about that person’s location, device, social graphs and search history.

The goal has always been to deliver what the user wants in the most relevant, organized, efficient and high-quality way possible. This has never changed. What has changed is the mindset of the user himself. People search the internet these days with little tolerance for sales messages and promotional pages. The user expects high-quality content, proof that you are an expert in your field and are able to help give the user what he has come online to find.


The SEO world is quickly becoming more social as well. Social media is incredibly powerful not only in your marketing approach, but it is vital to most organizations’ branding efforts, recruiting, and public relations. The consumer/client is far more accessible than ever before and, if you gain the user’s trust, so is his circle of influence. A well planned and well executed SEO system is absolutely critical to an organization’s success both online and in many cases, offline as well. It would be worthwhile to stay on top of your SEO efforts regularly in order to stay ahead of your competition, save time, and save money. Further, you should enlist the top seo services agent you can find.

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